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Soal Tentang Notice

Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas IX - Notice


Kelas : IX

Text    : Notice ( Functional Text)

The notice is for questions number 1 and 2.

1. The following are the meaning of the notice EXCEPT ....
A. No one is allowed to swim here.
B. Swimming in this area is prohibited.
C. Do not swim in this area when it is dangerous.
D. To swim in this area is forbidden.

2. The caution may be found at the dangerous areas in the following places, EXCEPT…
A. beaches 
B. rivers
C. ponds
D. bathrooms

This notice is for questions number 3 and 4

3. This caution is meant to warn anyone who walks on the floors to be careful because ...
A. the floors are wet this time
B. the floors are not wet
C. anybody can make the floors wet
D. anybody will be wet if they walk on the floors

4. From the text we know that….
A. we may not make the floors wet
B. we are required to step on the floors
C. we might slip if we step on them
D. we should mop the floors

5. What does this sign mean?
A. Anyone who sees this sign will be dead.
B. Anyone who passes this road will die at the end.
C. This is the end of the road and progress cannot continue
D. Somebody is dead so anyone must stop at the end of this line

Read this notice to answer questions number 4 to 6
6. This notice means ....
A. no one is allowed to smoke in these buildings.
B. everyone may smoke in this area.
C. it is not good for your own health to smoke here
D. smoking is dangerous for your health.

7. These are no smoking premises.
The underlined word has similar meaning to ....
A. statement 
B. building 
C. promise
D. permission

8. ... to permit smoking in these premises.
The underlined word means to ...
A. allow
B. invite 
C. obey
D. forbid

9. This notice means ....

A. you are not allowed to smoke in this building
B. you are free to smoke in this building
C. you are permitted to enter this building if you smoke
D. you are not allowed to enter this building if you are smokers

10. What does this caution mean?

A. You are not allowed to enter because it might be dangerous.
B. You may enter if it is not dangerous.
C. You have to buy a ticket first if you want to enter.
D. You are welcome to enter the area or the building.

11. Read this notice. You ...park here.
A. may not 
B. should not
C. have to 
D. will not

12. This notice means that the property belongs to one particular person or group only so ....
A. anybody can approach and make use of it
B. it is intended for public
C. anybody must not approach or make use of it
D. it must be put outside

13. What does the caution mean?

A. The liquid is easy to set on fire.
B. The liquid is yellow.
C. The liquid is made of fire.
D. The liquid is colourful.

14. Read this notice

The notice is to warn visitors who want to get in. The owner of the building informs visitors that ....
A. he is afraid of the dog
C. the dog is afraid of visitors
B. he does not like the dog
D. there is a fierce dog inside

15. What does this sign mean?
A. Follow this way.
B. Pass this way.
C. Don't pass this way.
D. Don't park here.

16. What does this notice mean?
A. You may not ride bicycles or motorcycles here.
B. Riding bicycles or motorcycles on this way is allowed.
C. Don't take bicycles and motorcycles from this area.
D. Park bicycles or motorcycles here.

17. What does this sign mean?

A. We may throw rubbish in this area.
B. We may not throw rubbish here.
C. We are allowed to throw rubbish here.
D. We are required to throw rubbish here.

18. This notice might be found in the following places EXCEPT ...

A. in a library
B. in a cafe
C. in a hospital
D. inside a cinema

19. This sign means ....

A. Children should play in the playground, not in this road.
B. Children must play anything slowly in this area.
C. You must drive slowly because children are playing in dramas.
D. You must drive slowly because there might be children playing in this area.

20. This sign means anyone... in this area.
A. may not stop
B. may take a rest
C. must stop and take a rest
D. must not take a rest

21. What does this notice mean?

A. You are required to step on the grass.
B. You are forbidden to step on the grass.
C. You are invited to walk on the grass.
D. You are expected to walk on the grass.

Read this notice to answer questions number 22 and 23.


22. With this notice, they want to inform anyone that there is an examination, so ....
A. those who are doing the examination must be quiet
B. everyone must do the examination quietly
C. everyone must do the examination
D. don't disturb those who are doing it

23. Where do you usually find this notice?
A. In a hospital.
B. In public places.
C. At home.
D. At school.

24. What does this notice mean? 

It means that you ... go through this side.
A. may 
B. must
C. will 
D. can

25. The notice means that you have to ...

A. pay with the exact amount of money so you do not need a change
B. pay in a cash not in a cheque or money order
C. be ready to pay before they ask you to
D. be ready to know the exact fare

26. This sign is commonly put on an electrical or mechanical device that ... 

A. is not in an order
B. is not working properly
C. is good to be placed outside
D. is working very well

This notice is for question number 27 and 28.


27. What does this sign mean?
A. Don't drive too fast.
B. Don't be too far from this vehicle.
C. Don't be too close to this vehicle.
D. Don't drive over the speed limit.

28. Where can the notice commonly be found?
A. At the back of a bus, a truck, or a car.
B. At the back of a train.
C. At the side of the road.
D. At the bus station.

29. Where can you usually find this notice?

A. In an airplane.
B. At a domestic airport. 
C. At a stadium.
D. At an international airport.

30. This notice warns you not to ride a motorcycle or a bicycle on this road because it is ....

A. a path for people to walk along
B. a path for bicycles
C. very dangerous for the cyclists
D. intended only for cars

31. This sign warns you that you will come to a/ an .... immediately.

A. T-junction 
B. public telephone
C. television station
D. train

32. What does this sign say?

A. You must turn left.
B. You must turn right.
C. You must go straight.
D. you must stop here.

33. What does this sign say?
A. You may not take a U-turn here.
B. You may not overtake.
C. You may not turn left.
D. You may not turn right.

34. What does this sign say? 

A. All the vehicles must turn right.
B. All the vehicles must run on the right side of the road.
C. Only those who want to turn right are allowed to proceed.
D. Only those who want to turn right are allowed to park here.

35. Who is not allowed to use this path?
A. people riding bicycles
B. people riding motorcycles
C. people driving cars
D. people walking







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